Frequently Asqued Questions

Below are a couple of  tricks to get you back veiwing  after a Storm or Power Cut. frequently Asqued Questions

Infinity Satellites information regarding loss of or poor signal

Many factors determine the strength and quality of the signal you can receive.

Satellite dish and cabling

You must have the correct size satellite dish for the channels you wish to receive

Your dish needs to be correctly aligned with a clear line of sight to the satellite you wish to receive your channels from.

Poor weather conditions affect signal reception as do interruptions to the power supply.

Ageing cabling or a faulty LNB can cause poor quality signal and strength

Viewing card and digibox

There are a number of reasons why you might receive an on screen message

Subscription payment problems

Your digibox is not performing correctly

Your digibox is old or damages

You are not on the correct source/AV on your television

If you receive any of the following on screen messages,
Please call to upgrade your subscription

This is the wrong card for this set top box

No signal being received

Or any other on screen message then simply contact us for assistance and advice

Attention, you should never contact Sky directly. Direct contact with Sky may result in your subscription being terminated.


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